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9.2Validation Support Repository Options


This page describes various setting that can be applied to the validation support repository in order to control validation.

Note that these settings apply to the FHIR Storage (RDBMS) module that is being used for Validation Support.

9.2.1Validating References


The Local Reference Policy setting can be used to control the behavior when validating a reference from one resource to another. This setting should be carefully considered, since validating a reference usually means loading the target resource and potentially parsing it and extracting parts of it. In performance sensitive environments, this can have a measurable effect on throughput, although it does improve the quality of the validation.

This setting should be configured on the FHIR Storage repository whose resources are being validated (as opposed to the FHIR Storage repository being used for validation support, if these are not the same repository).

The following values may be used:

  • NOT_VALIDATED – Don't validate references.
  • VALIDATE_EXISTS – Validate that the reference is valid and the target exists, but do not validate that the target resource is fully appropriate as a target for the reference.
  • VALIDATE_TARGET – Validate that the reference is valid, but also that the target resource is appropriate for the given reference (it conforms to the right profiles, is of the right type, etc.)

9.2.2Handling Missing CodeSystems


The Unknown CodeSystem Validation Policy determines what the validator should do if it encounters a Coding in a resource where the CodeSystem (Coding.system) value can not be resolved.

  • GENERATE_ERROR – (default) Add an error to the validation results (will cause validation to fail)
  • GENERATE_WARNING – Add a warning to the validation results (will not cause validation to fail)