Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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36.11.1System Config Endpoint


The System Config endpoint can be used to access information about the system and configuration for debugging purposes.

This method requires the VIEW_MODULE_CONFIG permission.

This method will return a zip file containing:

  • Version and build information
  • Smile CDR configuration with sensitive information and scripts redacted
  • Node statuses
  • Processor count and memory information of the JVM
  • A thread dump

To invoke:

GET http://localhost:9000/system-config?includeLogs=true

There is one optional boolean query parameter, called includeLogs. If set to true, this will cause all log files configured by smile cdr to be bundled up inside the zip. Note that this can take a long time if your logs are large.

Note that logs can contain PHI depending on your setup. Always verify all logs to ensure they are stripped of PHI before sending them to Smile CDR for analysis.

Note: added in 2021.05.R02.