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5.12Searching For Data


This section contains information about methods for searching for data in the CDR.

5.12.1FHIR Search Extensions


In addition to implementing most of the FHIR Search specification, Smile CDR implements the following extensions:


An additional search parameter called _source can be used to search for resources based on information about the system or request that created the resource. See Storing Source Information.


Date searches can be performed relative to "now" using the %now parameter value. For example, to search for Procedures with a date later than now, you can search for /Procedure?date=ge%now.

Note the '%' would need to be URL escaped so the actual URL will be /Procedure?date=ge%25now

The way this works is Smile substitutes %now with the current date and time in the standard FHIR format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss before submitting it to the FHIR Storage module.

5.12.2Unsupported Search Parameters


Smile CDR does not currently support the _contained and _containedType FHIR Search parameters.