Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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7.1.1Resource Storage Mode


This page describes settings which can be used to optimize the way that resources are stored in the database.

7.1.2Resource Body Storage


The FHIR Storage (Relational) module uses a large VARCHAR column to store resource body text in a separate storage area. See the RES_TEXT_VC column on the HFJ_RES_VER table in the HAPI FHIR Database Schema for more information.

This storage mode allows for resources of unlimited size, limited only by available memory.

In versions of Smile CDR prior to 2024.02.R01 (HAPI FHIR 7.0.0), resource contents were sometimes stored in a different column on the same table called RES_TEXT. This column used a compressed database LOB for storage. This technique is no longer used, although data may be stored in this column if the resource was created or updated on a prior version of Smile CDR and this data will still be readable.