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14.4Other Configurations


Some additional configurations need to be made to ensure that the Application Gallery module will function correctly.

Configuring NGINX for the Module

A reference for the app gallery module needs to be made in NGINX. The instructions to do this setup is here

Configuring the Anonymous User

The App Gallery application uses the Anonymous user for certain access capabilities. It is usually configured as part of your first Smile CDR installation. However, please check the following roles and permissions are appropriately assigned to the Anonymous user for proper function of the App Gallery application.

  • Role. “ROLE_ANONYMOUS” toggled to “Yes”
  • Role. “ROLE_FHIR_CLIENT_SUPERUSER_RO” toggled to “Yes”
  • Role. “ROLE_FHIR_TERMINOLOGY_READ_CLIENT” toggled to “Yes”
  • Permission. “FHIR_ACCESS_PARTITION_ALL” toggled to “Yes” if partitions are used
  • Permission. “FHIR_CAPABILITIES” toggled to “Yes”