Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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28.2.1FHIR-based Terminology Translation


As of the 2023.02.R01 release of Smile CDR, the HL7 v2.x Listening Endpoint module uses FHIR ConceptMap resources to encode the table-based portion of the HL7 v2-to-FHIR translation. As an example, Table 0004 (Patient Class), used in PV1-12, maps to, used in Encounter.class.

If the HL7 v2.x Listening Endpoint module declares a dependency on a Validation Support module, concept mappings between HL7 v2.x tables and FHIR Resource concepts are now stored and managed in automatically created ConceptMap resources. When the HL7 v2.x Listening Endpoint module starts, all required ConceptMap resources will be automatically created in the FHIR Storage (RDBMS) module that is used as a validation support dependency.

Users can update these automatically created ConceptMap resources in order to update the mappings applied at runtime. Note that changes to the live ConceptMap resources may take up to 1 minute to take effect due to internal caching. If such a resource is deleted, it will be recreated at the next module boot, with pre-existing defaults.

28.2.2Which ConceptMap do I want?


The following is a table which summarizes the information surrounding this new ConceptMap-based terminology translation.

HL7 v2.x Table FHIR Field ConceptMap Canonical URI
PID-8 (Administrative Sex) Patient.gender
PID-16 (Marital Status) Patient.maritalStatus
PV1-2 (Patient Class) Encounter.class
MSH-2-9 (Message Trigger) Encounter.status
ORC-5 (Status) ServiceRequest.status
OBR-24 (Diagnostic Service Section ID) DiagnosticReport.category
ORC-1 (Order Control) MedicationRequest.MedicationRequestStatus
ORC-1 (Order Control) Immunization.ImmunizationStatus
OBR-25 (Result Status) DiagnosticReport.status
IAM-2 (Allergen Type Code) AllergyIntolerance.AllergyIntoleranceCategory
IAM-4 (Allergy Severity Code) AllergyIntolerance.AllergyIntoleranceCriticality
XAD-7 (Address Type) Address.AddressType
XAD-7 (Address Type) Address.AddressUse
PID-13 (Phone/Telecom List - Home) ContactPoint.ContactPointUse
PID-13 (Phone/Telecom List - Home) ContactPoint.ContactPointSystem
SCH-7 (Appointment Reason) Appointment.reasonCode
SCH-25 (Filler Status) Appointment.status
AIL (Location Resource) Location.type
RXA-20 (Completion Status) MedicationAdministration.MedicationAdministrationStatus
RXA-20 (Completion Status) Immunization.ImmunizationStatus
IAM-17 (Clinical Status) clinicalStatus
IAM-17 (Clinical Status) verificationStatus