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32.0Smile CLI Tool (smileutil)


The smileutil tool is a standalone command-line tool distributed with Smile CDR that contains a number of utility functions for maintenance and operation of Smile CDR.

It is located in the bin/ directory of the Smile CDR installation.


The smileutil tool has a number of supported functions, called commands. Each command has a name and a set of supported arguments.

You can see a list of supported commands by simply issuing the command smileutil. For example:

$ bin/smileutil

  smileutil {command} [options]

  hl7v2-analyze-flatfile     - Test mapping a flat file of HL7 v2.x messages to
                               FHIR using Smile CDR's converter
  hl7v2-transmit-flatfile    - Transmit HL7 v2.x messages using a flat file as a

You can also see the list of supported arguments for a given command by issuing the command smileutil help [commandname]. For example:

$ bin/smileutil help upload-csv-etl-import-file

    smileutil upload-csv-etl-import-file [options]

    -b,--basic-auth <arg>       If specified, this parameter supplies a username
                               and password (in the format "username:password") to
                               include in an HTTP Basic Auth header
    -f,--filename <arg>        The filename to include

32.0.1Enabling Debug Logging


The --debug flag can be added to all smileutil commands in order to enable verbose debug logging. With this flag set, a file containing the output will also be created called output.log in the current directory.