Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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45.0.1Prior Auth CRD (Coverage Requirement Discovery) Module Overview

Please contact us if you would like to try out this experimental new feature.

45.0.2Prior Auth CRD (Coverage Requirement Discovery) Introduction


Da Vinci - Coverage Requirement Discovery is a implementation guide within which the CDS hooks are used by CRD clients to perform coverage requirements discovery from CRD servers used by patients' payers.

Six hooks are identified in Da Vinci IG v1.1.0, that cover the main situations where coverage requirements discovery is likely to be needed:

  • appointment-book
  • encounter-start
  • encounter-discharge
  • order-dispatch
  • order-select
  • order-sign

45.0.3Prior Auth CRD (Coverage Requirement Discovery) Module Overview

  • This module supports FHIR version R4.

  • This module registers CDS hooks to a given CDS hooks module. The endpoint is the name of the prior auth module and will ignore 'id' of CdsServiceJson passed in 'CDS Hooks' module configuration.

    Example using module name "prior_auth_crd": /cds-services/prior_auth_crd

  • Starting Smile CDR v2023.08, the following CDS hooks will be registered, when clients configure a Prior Auth CRD module for a CDS hooks module:

    • order-sign
    • encounter-start
  • This module requires FHIR endpoint and CDS hooks endpoint as module dependencies.