Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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43.15.1smileutil: Upload Bundle Files


43.15.2This Command Is Deprecated


This command has been replaced with the synchronize-fhir-servers Upload Bundles As Transactions mode, which supports all of the same functionality as this command and has many more options (e.g. authentication). This command will be removed in the future.



The upload-bundle-files command may be used to load a directory of json files into Smile CDR.

bin/smileutil upload-bundle-files -e "http://localhost:8000/" -d /json/folder -t 120 -x -q

In the example above, http://localhost:8000/ is the FHIR endpoint to which the data will be uploaded and /json/folder is the absolute path to the directory containing the json resources


  • -v [version] (or --fhir-version [version]) – The version of FHIR supported by the server.
  • -e [endpoint] – The FHIR endpoint to which the data will be uploaded.
  • -d [directory – The absolute path to a directory containing resource files in json format
  • -hp [header] (or --header-passthrough [header]) – (optional, multiple) Additional headers added to generated http request.
  • -t [timeout](optional) If supplied, the socket timeout will be set to timeout seconds. The default timeout is 3600 seconds (1 hour).
  • -x(optional) If supplied, each resource file is deleted from the source directory after it has been uploaded.
  • -q(optional) If supplied, the program will run in quiet mode, and only print output if there is an error.