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26.9smileutil: Upload Bundle Files


The upload-bundle-files command may be used to load a directory of json files into Smile CDR.


bin/smileutil upload-bundle-files -e "http://localhost:8000/" -d /json/folder -t 120 -x -q

In the example above, http://localhost:8000/ is the FHIR endpoint to which the data will be uploaded and /json/folder is the absolute path to the directory containing the json resources


  • -v [version] (or --fhir-version [version]) – The version of FHIR supported by the server.
  • -e [endpoint] – The FHIR endpoint to which the data will be uploaded.
  • -d [directory – The absolute path to a directory containing resource files in json format
  • -t [timeout](optional) If supplied, the socket timeout will be set to timeout seconds. The default timeout is 3600 seconds (1 hour).
  • -x(optional) If supplied, each resource file is deleted from the source directory after it has been uploaded.
  • -q(optional) If supplied, the program will run in quiet mode, and only print output if there is an error.