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25.2.1EasyShare SMART Health Links Admin module


The EasyShare SHL Admin module provides web applications which can be used to create and manage SMART Health Links. See EasyShare SMART Health Links for an overview of how EasyShare SMART Health Links work.

Currently, an interactive application for creating SMART Health Links is available. Additional functionality including an application to manage links, and more functionality for link creation is planned.



This module hosts web applications, and must therefore be configured with a listener port as well as any other listener configuration. It must also be provided with a module dependency to an EasyShare SHL Public module which is ultimately used for storage and retrieval of SMART Health Links data.

You must also configure an Interactive Web Application mechanism.

25.2.3SHL Creation Application

Accessing this application requires the EASYSHARE_CREATE_SMART_HEALTH_LINK permission.

The SMART Health Links Creation application is a simple web-based application that can be used to create a SMART Health Link.

Because it requires the user to cut-and-paste a raw FHIR IPS document into a text box, this application is currently intended as an administrative UI, as opposed to an end-user facing application. Additional capability may be added to a future release to support end-user workflows.

To access the application, direct your browser to the URL: http://host:port/create