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33.2Auth: General for APIs


The Auth: General for APIs configuration category includes the following configurable options:

  • Allow Anonymous Access

  • Anonymous Account Username

33.2.1Property: Allow Anonymous Access

Property Name Allow Anonymous Access
Property Key
Property Type BOOLEAN
Description If enabled, anonymous requests (i.e. requests without credentials) will be allowed to proceed. This means that they will not be blocked by the security manager, and they will instead proceed under the authority of the designated anonymous user. Only roles and permissions that have been assigned to the anonymous user will be granted to these requests. See Anonymous Access for more information.
Default Value false
Example Property
module.[MODULE_ID].config.anonymous.access.enabled = false

33.2.2Property: Anonymous Account Username

Property Name Anonymous Account Username
Property Key
Property Type STRING
Description The account name for the system account to use for anonymous requests.
Default Value ANONYMOUS
Example Property
module.[MODULE_ID].config.anonymous.access.account_username = ANONYMOUS
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