Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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6.4.1OpenAPI / Swagger Support


All Smile CDR FHIR Endpoint modules (FHIR Endpoint, FHIR Gateway, Hybrid Providers) support automatic generation of OpenAPI (aka Swagger) documentation. This documentation describes the FHIR operations, parameters, and request/response details supported by the API.

This support can be enabled and disabled by setting the Enable OpenAPI / Swagger Support setting on the appropriate FHIR Endpoint module.

With this setting enabled, you may wish to set the other Capability Statement Settings as well, as these will control the information exported by the OpenAPI document.

6.4.2Swagger UI


One of the primary uses for OpenAPI documentation is to power the Swagger UI tool.

When OpenAPI support is enabled on a Smile CDR FHIR Endpoint, a customized version of Swagger UI will be automatically served by the FHIR Endpoint at: [baseUrl]/swagger-ui/, where [baseUrl] is the Fixed Value for Endpoint Base URL property. To ensure the API Docs load correctly, this property must include any context paths in the URL e.g.

6.4.3OpenID Connect Support


If OpenID Connect authentication is enabled on a Smile CDR FHIR Endpoint, the Swagger UI will allow users to authenticate themselves through that protocol.

The following configuration parameters must be set to support the authentication process through Swagger:

  • The ANONYMOUS user must be granted the FHIR_CAPABILITIES permission.
  • For each OpenID Connect Client that will access the Swagger UI, the list of Authorized Redirect URLs must contain the value [baseUrl]/swagger-ui/oauth2-redirect.html.
  • The SMART Outbound Security module must have Cross-Origin Resource Sharing ( CORS) enabled, and the list of CORS Allowed Request Headers must include the value x-requested-with.



Smile CDR support for OpenAPI has the following known limitations:

  • Complete schema definitions are not yet supplied for FHIR Resources.