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6.5.1FHIR Endpoint Customization


FHIR Endpoint modules (including the standard FHIR Endpoint module, as well as including Hybrid Providers and FHIR Gateway modules) can be customized in order to provide the functionality and experience you need.

6.5.2Customizing Available Interactions


The Allowed Interactions setting can be used to customize the specific FHIR interactions which are available through a FHIR Endpoint module. This is typically used in cases where an endpoint is being made available for a specific purpose (e.g. a read-only API for specific resource types) and all unrelated interactions should not appear in the generated CapabilityStatement and OpenApi documentation.

Values for this setting are a whitespace- or newline-separated list of interaction specifications, using the following possible formats:

  • [resourceType]:[interaction] – Use this form to allow type- and instance level interactions, such as create, read, and patch. For example, the spec Patient:create allows the Patient create operation (i.e. POST /Patient).
  • $[operation-name] - Use this form to allow operations (at any level) by name. For example, the spec $diff permits the Diff Operation to be applied at both the server and instance-level.

Note that the spec does not differentiate between the read and vread interactions. If one is permitted the other will also be permitted.

For example, the following allowed interactions spec allows read-only access to two resource types as well as access to the diff and validation operations:


6.5.3Customizing CapabilityStatement and OpenApi


FHIR Servers produce a CapabilityStatement resource document which describes electronically the capabilities that the server offers.

In order to customize your server's appearance:

  • If the endpoint should only advertise a limited set of capabilities, Customizing Available Interactions can be useful.
  • The CapabilityStatement Configuration Settings on the FHIR Endpoint module can be used to customize the description and related properties in the CapabilityStatement.