Smile CDR v2024.05.PRE
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34.0.1Batch Job Management


Batch jobs are managed on the Runtime Batch Jobs page on the Web Administration Console. Batch jobs such as Delete Expunge, Bulk Import and Bulk Export can be viewed and managed on this page.

Smile CDR release 2021.05.R02 introduced batch job management using Spring Batch. Explanation of Job Ids, Job Execution Ids, and Batch Statuses may be found in the Spring Batch documentation.

In release 2022.05.R01, we started the process of replacing Spring Batch with a custom batch framework, called "batch2". This new "batch2" framework is designed to scale well across multiple processes sharing the same message broker, and most importantly, to robustly recover from unexpected server restarts.

For more details on how batch 2 works, please visit: HAPI-FHIR Batch Processing

On the Smile CDR "Batch Jobs" page, you can Stop a running job. Batch Job

When you click on the View button, you will see the details of the Job execution. This page is divided into three sections:

  • Job Parameters: Parameters the job was started with.
  • Job Execution Details: Details about when the job was started, how long it has been running, etc.
  • Step: Details about the progress of the running job.