Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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28.6.1Verbatim Messaging Subscriptions


It is often the case (such as that of malformed messages) that one wishes to completely bypass any mapping or parsing of HL7 v2.x messages, and instead wishes to send them directly downstream as ingested. If one wishes to configure Smile to do this, one must set up inbound and outbound modules as usual, as well as enabling the following two settings:

  • Store Original HL7v2 Message. This ensures V2 messages are stored verbatim on a MessageHeader resource.
  • Forward Persisted Messages. This uses our internal subscription logic to watch for appropriate MessageHeader resources, scrapes the message off of it, and passes it back downstream.

Please note that this is only available when sending messages over HTTP due to the restrictions imposed by working with possibly invalid (read: un-parse-able) HL7 v2.x messages.