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9.12.1Suppressing Validation Messages


There are times when you want to enable validation and for it to be strict, but due to circumstances you can't control there are messages you want to ignore.

This might be because of problems with an Implementation Guide being implemented, or local business rules that prevent the creation of conformant data.

Any validation message can be suppressed by placing one or more patterns in the Suppress Validation Message Patterns configuration option.

This option is set on the FHIR Storage (RDBMS) module that is being used as a Validation Support Repository. If you are using Endpoint Validation, the Validation Support Repository dependency must be specified on the FHIR Endpoint module in order for this feature to work.

Patterns for this option are specified as Regular Expressions, and one pattern may be specified per line. Patterns may match partially. For example, the pattern 59408-5 will suppress the validation message Unknown code ''.