Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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36.3.1Bulk Import Endpoint


The Bulk Import Endpoint can be used to transmit an import file to the server in order to request that it be processed by an ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) module.

Note that this page only describes the JSON Admin API method for invoking the ETL Import module. See the ETL Importer Documentation for more information on how this module actually works.

36.3.2Process ETL File

This method requires the ETL_IMPORT_PROCESS_FILE permission.

This method will return a simple JSON document containing summary information.

To invoke:

POST http://localhost:9000/bulk-import/process-etl-file/{module_id}
Content-Type: text/plain

(file contents)

You may also add the following URL parameters:

  • filename=[filename] – The name of the file being uploaded. This value will be passed to mapping scripts if provided.

The server will produce a response resembling the following:

   "message" : "Processed 2 rows in 19ms"

36.3.3Smileutil: CSV Bulk Import File


You can also upload csv bulk using smileutil. For more information, see Upload CSV Bulk Import File.