Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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22.5.1Upgrading from EMPI


As the EMPI module is now deprecated, it is worthwhile to consider how to use the new MDM functionality, if you were previously using the EMPI module. path

Before upgrading, you must ensure that all the EMPI links are cleared from your system. You can do this by calling the $empi-clear operation on your Smile CDR installation on the FHIR endpoint.


Once this is done, your system can be safely upgraded to the newest version of Smile CDR. The reason for this is that the EMPI implementation used the Person resource as a method of linking resources. MDM on the other hand uses resources of the same type to hold these relationships. e.g. a Patient resource will link to another Patient.

Next, you will have to create and configure an MDM module. You will notice in your Smile CDR administrative page that the EMPI module still exists, as a skeleton of its previous self. You may copy your EMPI rules json from this module, for use while configuring MDM. The format of the JSON is the same in MDM, barring one change. You will need to add a top-level attribute in the json called mdmTypes, which is an array of resource types that you want Smile CDR to perform matching on. To replicate the existing EMPI functionality, you would set this value to:

   "mdmTypes": ["Patient", "Practitioner"]

The final configuration step includes defining MDM survivorship rules. Please refer to the survivorship rules section in the documentation for more details.

Once you have finished configuring the MDM module, you may start it, and then archive the old EMPI module.