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35.43FHIR Resource Types


The FHIR Resource Types configuration category includes the following configurable options:

  • Resource Types (whitelist)

35.43.1Property: Resource Types (whitelist)

Property Name Resource Types (whitelist)
Property Key
Property Type STRING
Description This property may be used to specify a comma-separated list of FHIR Resource types to be supported by this persistence module (e.g. Patient,Encounter,Practitioner). This configuration is required for Mongo DB but optional for RDBMS implementations. For RDBMS implementations, leaving this configuration as null is the same as listing all resources supported by Smile CDR. Setting this parameter will constrain the resource types included in the capability statement for any endpoint pointing to this persistence module. As well, FHIR REST requests on the endpoint will be restricted to the resource types listed here. Note though that this parameter does not affect Bundle requests nor non-REST ingestion operations (e.g. ETL import).
Applies to Modules
  • FHIR Storage (DSTU2 Relational)
  • FHIR Storage (MongoDB)
  • FHIR Storage (R3 Relational)
  • FHIR Storage (R4 Relational)
Default Value Patient,Observation,Encounter,DiagnosticReport,Claim,ExplanationOfBenefit,Coverage
Example Property
module.[MODULE_ID].config.resource_types.supported.whitelist = Patient,Observation,Encounter,DiagnosticReport,Claim,ExplanationOfBenefit,Coverage
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