Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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39.1.1Library Support


It is important to note that Hybrid Providers and CDS Hooks execute in the same JVM and Classloader as other Smile CDR modules. This may change in a future release but at this time it is important to be aware that any third party libraries have the potential to conflict with Smile CDR dependencies.

The following libraries are available on the Java classpath and may be used:

  • HAPI FHIR – FHIR support.
  • Spring Framework – Spring Framework utilities, including:
    • spring-code & spring-context – Bean creation and management.
    • spring-jdbc – JDBC helper classes.
  • SLF4J – Logging framework.
  • commons-dbcp2 – Database connection pool.
  • commons-httpclient – HTTP client framework.
  • ttddyy-datasource-proxy – JDBC Proxy