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43.45.1FHIR Endpoint Partitioning


The FHIR Endpoint Partitioning configuration category includes the following configurable options:

  • Tenant Identification Strategy

  • Tenant Name

43.45.2Property: Tenant Identification Strategy

Property Name Tenant Identification Strategy
Property Key
Property Type ENUM
  • NONE
Description If the attached FHIR Storage module has partitioning enabled and is configured to run in REQUEST_TENANT mode, this setting determines how tenants are identified. See Tenant Identification Strategies for more information.
Applies to Modules
  • FHIR REST Endpoint (All FHIR Versions)
  • FHIR REST Endpoint (DSTU2 - Deprecated)
  • FHIR REST Endpoint (R3 - Deprecated)
  • FHIR REST Endpoint (R4 - Deprecated)
Default Value NONE
Example Property
module.[MODULE_ID].config.partitioning.tenant_identification_strategy = NONE

43.45.3Property: Tenant Name

Property Name Tenant Name
Property Key
Property Type STRING
Description If this server uses a URL_BASED Tenant Identification Strategy, then this field indicates the name of the tenant that should be added to the URL for all FHIR requests.
Applies to Modules
  • FHIRWeb Console
Default Value (no default)
Example Property
module.[MODULE_ID].config.partitioning.tenant_name = 
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