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45.14.1CDA Import


The CDA Import configuration category includes the following configurable options:

  • Assembly Device ID

  • Store Original CCD

45.14.2Property: Assembly Device ID

Property Name Assembly Device ID
Property Key
Property Type STRING
Description An identifier of a Device resource in the repository that represents this instance of Smile CDR in its role as a transformer of CDA documents. If set, the resource having this identifier will be used as an agent of type Assembler in a generated Provenance resource associated to all the resources in a Bundle derived from an imported CDA document. If no Device with a matching identifier is found, one will be created. If this parameter is not set, no Provenance resource will be generated.
Applies to Modules
  • CDA Exchange
Default Value (no default)
Example Property
module.[MODULE_ID] = 

45.14.3Property: Store Original CCD

Property Name Store Original CCD
Property Key
Property Type BOOLEAN
Description Only applies to imports. Stores the received CDA document on a FHIR DocumentReference resource and generates an entry in the audit log, regardless of whether the import succeeded.
Applies to Modules
  • CDA Exchange+
Default Value true
Example Property
module.[MODULE_ID].config.store_original_ccd = true
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