Smile CDR v2023.11.PRE
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24.0.1International Patient Summary (IPS)

This feature is currently experimental. It can successfully generate documents and has been tested at small scale, but the rules have not been tested against large real world datasets. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss using it for production workloads.

The International Patient Summary (IPS) is an international collaborative effort to develop a specification for a health record summary extract. It is specified in the standards EN 17269 and ISO 27269, and supported in FHIR through the International Patient Summary Implementation Guide.

Smile CDR supports the automated generation of IPS documents using data that is stored in a FHIR Storage (RDBMS) module. The built-in generation algorithm can be extended and customized using the HAPI FHIR IPS Generator capabilities.

To enable the IPS Generation module and enable the $summary operation used to initiate a generation, the ig_support.ips.enabled support should be enabled.

24.0.2Generation Rules


By default, a standard set of rules for the universal IPS definition will be used.

A customized Section Registry, a customized Generation Strategy, and customized Narrative Templates can all be included in a customer JAR file in the customer_lib/ directory.

See HAPI FHIR IPS Generator for details on how this API works.