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5.2FHIR Endpoint Module


The FHIR Endpoint module is an HTTP Server (i.e. a web server) that allows external clients to interact with the FHIR Storage module.

5.2.1Creating the Module


When creating a FHIR Endpoint module, you must first choose which version of FHIR it will support. There are multiple types of FHIR Endpoint modules, and each one supports a specific version of FHIR. The version of FHIR must match the version of FHIR supported by the FHIR Storage module.

Server Configuration

There are only a few settings that absolutely must be set when creating this module:

  • Port – The port that the server will listen on (e.g. 8000).
  • Fixed Value for Endpoint Base URL – Tells the server what it should advertise as the FHIR base URL (e.g. http://acme.org:8000).
  • Dependency FHIR Persistence: This is a reference to the FHIR Storage module that backs this endpoint.



A complete reference of configuration items follows: