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3.9Upgrading an Existing Installation


When a new release of Smile CDR is released, the following page outlines the steps required in order to upgrade.

Upgrading the Binary

Within the Smile CDR installation directory, there is a directory called lib/ that contains all of the binary code for Smile CDR. It is generally possible to simply replace the contents of this directory with the new contents from a release.

The following example shows an in-place upgrade of Smile CDR:

  1. Stop Smile CDR
cd smilecdr
bin/smilecdr stop
  1. Delete Previous lib/ Directory Contents
rm lib/*
  1. Extract the Installation to a Temporary Location
# The following command assumes you are currently in the root of your smilecdr
# installation, and will extract only the lib directory
tar --strip-components=1 -xvf /path/to/smilecdr-2022.02.PRE.tar.gz smilecdr/lib
  1. Upgrading the Database

Starting with version 2020.11.R01, Smile CDR will automatically upgrade your database during the startup phase, if it detects that you are running a newer version of the software and an upgrade is required.

You can let Smile CDR perform the upgrade for you, or you can choose to upgrade it using our Database Migrator Tool as was needed in previous releases. See the smileutil: Migrate Database page for details on how to run the database migrator tool.

  1. Start Smile CDR
bin/smilecdr start


When upgrading CDR from versions 2019.05 and earlier, if subscriptions are enabled, then you will need to add a new Subscription Matching Module of the same FHIR version as your FHIR Storage module and link the Subscription Matching module to that FHIR Storage module as a dependency.