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3.9Upgrading an Existing Installation


When a new release of Smile CDR is released, the following page outlines the steps required in order to upgrade.

Upgrading the Binary

Within the Smile CDR installation directory, there is a directory called lib/ that contains all of the binary code for Smile CDR. It is generally possible to simply replace the contents of this directory with the new contents from a release.

The following example shows an in-place upgrade of Smile CDR:

  1. Stop Smile CDR
cd smilecdr
bin/smilecdr stop
  1. Delete Previous lib/ Directory Contents
rm lib/*
  1. Extract the Installation to a Temporary Location
# The following command assumes you are currently in the root of your smilecdr
# installation, and will extract only the lib directory
tar --strip-components=1 -xvf /path/to/smilecdr-2021.11.PRE.tar.gz smilecdr/lib
  1. Run the Database Migrator Tool

See the smileutil: Migrate Database page for details on how to run the database migrator tool.

  1. Start Smile CDR
bin/smilecdr start


When upgrading CDR from versions 2019.05 and earlier, if subscriptions are enabled, then you will need to add a new Subscription Matching Module of the same FHIR version as your FHIR Storage module and link the Subscription Matching module to that FHIR Storage module as a dependency.