Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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3.3.1Tuning Your Installation


This page describes environment settings that will lead to better overall performance.

3.3.2Memory Settings


Like all Java applications, Smile CDR relies on arguments passed to the Java process at startup to determine the memory characteristics it will have.

Memory settings are passed in by command line arguments that are set in a file named bin/setenv.

This file is processed as a shell script, and configures a JVMARGS variable with a setting resembling -Xmx4g. This variable is passed to the Java command line and configures the heap to use a maximum of 4 GB of heap memory. This is an appropriate setting for a simple development environment. If you are building a production server, or even a non-production server that will process significant data or transaction volumes it is recommended to increase this.

A value of -Xmx8g or -Xmx16g may be more appropriate depending on the load you are placing on the server. Note that the JVM memory graphs in the Web Admin Console can be useful in determining how much memory is actually being used.

Note that these settings only apply to Smile CDR. smileutil runs in its own JVM as a discrete process dinstinct from Smile CDR, and documentation regarding smileutil memory settings can be found here.