Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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6.0.1Concepts in Smile CDR


In Smile CDR, a typical FHIR-based Clinical Data Repository has two main parts, each of which is defined in its own module through the Smile CDR module configuration.

6.0.2The FHIR Storage Module


A FHIR Storage module provides database storage and retrieval. It interfaces with the backing database and/or filesystem to store resources, update them, index them, find them, retrieve them, etc.

6.0.3The FHIR REST Endpoint Module


A FHIR REST Endpoint module is an HTTP server (i.e. a web server) that allows external clients to interact with the FHIR Storage module.

The FHIR REST Endpoint listens on a given port for incoming FHIR requests, and routes them to the FHIR Storage module.



Both modules can be clustered in an N-process cluster arrangement as needed. There is no limit to how wide a cluster can be designed (i.e. how many processes it can have), and a single process deployment can be thought of as a cluster with only one node.

See Clustering for more information.