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15.0FHIR Gateway Endpoint


The FHIR Gateway Endpoint module creates a FHIR server that acts as a proxy for one or more target FHIR servers.

The FHIR Gateway provides the benefits of a Smile CDR FHIR endpoint over top of the target servers. This includes:

  • Complete authentication/authorization services, including support for SMART on FHIR
  • Audit and Transaction logs
  • Automatic request/response conversion between XML/JSON/RDF
  • FHIR response manipulation including support for FHIR features such as the _elements and _fhirpath parameters
  • Automatic FHIR version conversion if Versioned API Mode is enabled

When the FHIR Gateway is placed in front of multiple target servers, it can be used to present a collection of servers as a single unified FHIR endpoint. This can be particularly useful when implementing APIs for SMART on FHIR applications, since these applications will often expect a single endpoint through which all data flows.

The FHIR Gateway is also designed to avoid revealing details about the internal FHIR servers. Internal server addresses, paging URLs, etc. are all obscured by the FHIR Gateway in its responses to clients.

Gateway Overview

15.0.1Smile CDR 2020.02 Gateway Redesign


The FHIR Gateway was completely redesigned and rewritten for the Smile CDR 2021.02 (Odyssey) release. While the rewrite introduces the ability to proxy multiple target servers, and is designed for much better performance, it does not yet have complete feature parity with the previous version. Please let us know if there are specific features you need from the previous version.