Smile CDR v2024.08.PRE
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17.0.1appSphere: Introduction


Smile’s appSphere is a set of connected tools that help manage the registration and access of developers and their SMART on FHIR apps to Smile CDR. It helps Smile customers meet interoperability requirements that empower patients to use any SMART on FHIR app of their choice to access and consolidate their protected health information (PHI).

Key components of the appSphere include:

  • Developer Portal. A public-facing website where vendors can register one or multiple applications and provide information about the apps for system administrators and patients who use the apps. Vendors can also track the status of their application registrations.
  • App Management Console. A private internal website for platform administrators to approve, suspend or revoke access to applications.
  • White-Labeled App Gallery. A public-facing website that lists the approved applications available for use by patients with the CDR owner. Consumers can learn more about each application and find out where to download them.
  • User Authorization Endpoints. These are URLs — hosted by the owner of the FHIR server — that manage the process by which a member consents to have a third-party application retrieve their data.