The Apple Health Integration Guide:
Using Smile CDR to Power SMART on FHIR Data Sharing

See how your organization can use Smile CDR to help patients securely view and store health records on their mobile phone.

FHIR for Payers:
Achieving Sustainable Interoperability with a FHIR-based CDR

Learn how Payers can use a FHIR-based CDR to ensure compliance with new ONC and CMS rules while improving the digital experience of their members, lowering long term technology costs and realizing additional value from the new influx of clinical data for analytics and other purposes.

Payer Roadmap to Compliance with HHS Interoperability Rules:
A Quick Start Guide to Meeting CMS & ONC Interoperability and Patient Access Rules with an Enterprise FHIR Platform

Discover how payers can leverage an enterprise-class FHIR data platform to achieve timely compliance with new CMS & ONC rules while positioning themselves for future growth. This white paper includes actionable insights for payers looking to rapidly implement and scale required features like patient access APIs, provider directories and payer-to-payer data exchange, including what implementation challenges to expect and key characteristics to look for when designing a solution and selecting a vendor.

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