Smile CDR Appliance


What is Smile CDR Appliance?

Smile in a Box

The Smile CDR appliance is a pre-installed, fully supported version of the solution, targeted at sites that need to inter-operate with other systems using pre-configured connectors. It is available as a virtual-machine or as a stand-alone device.

Product Features

Plug-in Connector to Regional Repository

A key feature of the appliance is its ease of integration to a central instance of Smile CDR. As a data source, it is pre-configured to work directly with the data model in use by the central repository, greatly simplifying the integration activities.

Service Delivery Capabilities

In addition to central aggregation, the appliance can serve as a local endpoint for access to centralized data. The central service can push data to the local instance for use by in-house systems. This approach can provide a measure of protection from network outages, acting as a local cache of information should the access to the central systems become compromised. In addition, the FHIR services on the appliance can be reused locally to gain benefit from data that has been freed from source systems.

Conformance with Central Services

The appliance delivers the key integration features available in the full deployment. This enables the client to provide a conformance tier in the data pathway between local systems and the central repository. Leveraging connectors and profiles, the appliance ensures that only compliant data is forwarded to the central system. Additionally, the central system can push out profiles directly, enabling centralized management of data standards.

Targeted Deployment

The appliance enables targeted deployment of functionality by providing a stable and consistent platform for clinical services. In a centrally managed configuration, the appliance is the edge server upon which distributed application components operate. This includes deploying data services for consumption by local systems, data integration tools for gathering local information, data quality tools, and a web platform for privacy and security review.

Locally Owned, Centrally Managed

The appliance can be used to address issues with data governance in a distributed management model. Also, the appliance can be locally owned and operated while supporting some central configuration options that enable easy distribution of data between participating organizations.

What can Smile CDR Appliance do for you?

Local Integration and Repository

The appliance is intended to be deployed as part of a larger integration exercise, however it can also provide local repository services for organizations that wish to start small and grow into their use of FHIR services. The appliance is often used as an aggregation entry point, integrating with local hospitals or other clinical systems and feeding the data to central services using the FHIR protocol.

Easily Managed

The appliance is a fully supported product that is maintained through easily applied patches and updates. These can be distributed through an organization’s central management services or individually. The solution comes with a simple management UI for integration and operational views.


The Smile CDR appliance is only licensed for selected services, giving organizations an economical way to create large distributed systems in an affordable way. Additional services can be licensed if the site chooses to use them, creating smaller local CDR instances to satisfy the sites needs.

Supports many Participants

If your solution requires data feeds from a number of organizational sources, each of which requires integration with local systems, then consider the Smile CDR appliance. This solution provides each source organization with a full FHIR repository that can be used to aggregate the local data for sharing and distribution. This enables source locations to directly gain benefit from their aggregation activities while simplifying the overall integration activity for the central data store. This flow is particularly effective when communicating with a larger central instance of Smile CDR or other FHIR repository.

Autonomous Management and Control if Required

If, for policy or other reasons, local control of the appliance is necessary, Smile CDR supports a rich management interface and simple to use control panels. Upgrades and patching is handled though an intuitive interface and full audit and security services are enabled.