Why We Smile

At its heart, the Smile CDR platform enables people and organizations to better manage healthcare data. It’s built around a standard made by HL7 called FHIR (pronounced fire), which acts like a new universal language for healthcare data. By speaking the same data language, different information technology systems are able to communicate, which can play a huge role in the advancement of real-world endeavours like health research and clinical care. Here are just a few ways we hope technologies like Smile CDR will benefit people.




Clinicians are at the heart of healthcare. So healthcare technology should be supporting clinicians, not the other way around. At Smile CDR, we know how important it is that clinicians are empowered to work the way they want. Generically-built software that doesn’t take into account the unique needs of individual healthcare environments is a problem.

That’s why we built our platform to make it easier than ever for organizations to quickly build and deliver custom software applications directly with and for their clinicians. And because we also help manage the health data these applications use, we can build new ways to bridge clinical care and research to deliver real, focused outcomes back to where they’re needed.



We are all patients at some point. If our healthcare technologies become compatible, it’s better for everyone. Our health records, which can hold important information about our past and future health, could be accessible all the time - when we move, when we travel, even on our personal devices. At Smile CDR, we love this idea. If technologies like ours become the standard, we can move towards empowering patients to be in control of their own health information, instead of relying on providers to store, access, and share it exclusively. This means patients can be healthcare partners with their doctors - and that benefits everyone.


Health Research

Data has the power to change healthcare. One of Smile CDR’s key values lies in moving healthcare IT towards a future of interoperability for the sharing of all kinds of health data. If more service providers, health systems, governments, and organizations start sharing their data, there’s no telling what kinds of discoveries could be found. And by improving the management of data from the inside-out, we help to speed up the process. That means real, focused outcomes can be given back to healthcare providers fast, which means better understanding and treatment for patients.

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