A Data Strategy that Works

As a healthcare company, you work hard to manage your business’s data so you can respond in ways that meet your key performance indicators. We’re here to help you do even more. With the Smile CDR platform, you’ll be getting focused feedback from every level of your organization. This means you can identify key areas to target as you adjust your business management strategies - while having the tooling and support to make it happen. And with flexible licensing, the Smile CDR platform is affordable at any budget.



Better Functionality at a Better Price

Outdated or locked-vendor data strategies can be a significant drain on your company’s resources. The Smile CDR platform is designed with flexibility at its core, meaning that every solution we create is as unique as the business it empowers. With a built-in management interface, your developers can simplify their work and be more productive, so your business can build and customize applications faster than ever before.

Combined with fixed-cost tiers, additional volume discounts, and pricing caps, the Smile CDR platform is affordable at any budget. Plus, as a standards-based, open-source solution, there is no risk of vendor lock-in. You’ll always have full access to your data and can easily move to a new product if required. Our goal is to make sure you never want to.


Connected Everywhere

In the past, an isolated data strategy was sufficient. But expectations are changing, and the future of health IT is data compatibility for regional exchanges. Until recently, big health data systems have made it very difficult for organizations to interact with regional systems, such as EHR platforms. They just aren’t built for it. Smile CDR is built on the upcoming international standard for health data. With us, you’ll have access to the wealth of data from your regional system to further support your health management practices. And you’ll be ready for the future.


Engaging Consumers and Clinicians

One-size-fits-all interfaces are a thing of the past. With the speed and flexibility of the Smile CDR platform, you have the power to create a consumer outreach strategy in line with your health management practices. By building interfaces specific to your users, you empower them with tools that they actually want to use. For health products, this facilitates user retention and interaction, working to drive key performance indicators surrounding your consumer population. For health systems, like hospitals, custom designed applications enable your clinicians to work with the world in the way that they want. This helps them work smarter - and happier.


Supported Every Step of the Way

With Smile CDR, you can give your developers access to a service interface that simplifies their work and makes them more productive. It will enable your business to build and customize applications faster than ever before. This gives you a shortened development cycle with happier users and clients.

But we are so much more than just a product. The Smile CDR team is an experienced and passionate group of experts ready to help you at any stage of your process. We can consult on or build any of these pieces, from discovery to implementation, and deliver them in a way that makes sense to your business.


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